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Solar Pump Kit

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Solar Pump Kit (Solar Well Pumps and Solar Irrigation Pumps)

Using solar power to pump water in remote locations fit together like a hand and glove. Applying this technology to water pumping simply makes sense, it also can save lives. Water is essential, without it, life can not be sustained.

Solar well pumps & solar irrigation pumps can be used to pump water in any location the sun shines. The longer the sun shines the more water you can pump. Solar water pumping is efficient, low maintenance and economical, you don’t even need a battery. SunTron offers solar water pumps that run on DC current; DC is the energy produced directly from the solar panel. SunTron stocks water pumps manufactured by Grundfos and SHURflo, two of the leading suppliers in the water pumping industry. Grundfos and SHURflo each offer a large selection of water pumps capable of meeting virtually any application.


How do solar water pumping systems work?

Solar water pumps are electrically powered using DC current that is generated directly from the solar panels themselves. The photovoltaic panels generate electricity from the sun’s light. Solar water pumps are specifically designed to operate using the direct current (DC) supplied from the panel array throughout the day. Solar panel output will vary throughout the day based on the number of sunlight hours the panels receive each day.

As mentioned above, solar panels generate energy in the form of direct current. DC current is considerably different than the conventional current supplied from the utility grid or a generator. The utility grid and generators supply electricity in the form of alternating current, otherwise referred to as AC current. Virtually all household appliances are powered via AC current. To use solar energy, the pumping system must utilize energy generated during the day to pump water. The window of opportunity for pumping water directly corresponds with sunlight hours received each day. If you needed to pump 500 gallons of water each day and live in an area that receives on average 6 sunlight hours each day, your water pumping system would be much different than another system that required 500 gallons per day but only received an average of 3 sunlight hours per day. The system only receiving 3 sunlight hours per day would need to accomplish the same task in ½ the time.


Common solar water pumping applications

Solar water pumps are most often applied when utility power isn’t readily available. In these type of situations solar power is much more affordable than the cost of running power lines and poles. When you take into consideration all the costs associated with running power lines, such as installation, fuel, and maintenance, using solar power for your remote water needs is by far the most economical choice. Solar power is also more affordable than using a generator. There is always the upfront cost of the generator itself, furthermore you will continue to incur out of pocket expenses for maintenance and fuel. Some of the most common applications for solar water pumping systems include, pressurizing small water systems in homes, RV's, and boats. Others include pulling water from a tank, spring, and cistern. Solar water pumps are also used to water livestock and wildlife, supply water to remote cabins and in crop irrigation.


What we need know to design a solar water pumping system

Prior to designing any water pumping system we need to know a few standard things about the project in order to give you an accurate estimate for the cost of the system.

We need to know, what the water will be used for, the dept of the well, your static water level, the horizontal distance from well head to water discharge, the vertical distance from the well head t water discharge, the inside diameter of the well and the amount of gallons required each day. As you can see there are several variables that must be considered prior to designing a solar water pumping system. SunTron Solar has the engineering support and field experience required to design water pumping solutions from small watering systems to highly specialized applications.

Suntron Solar - Get Comprehensive Solar Water Pumping System Installation Services


Our expert team will ensure that you receive best & cheap solar well pump & solar irrigation pump kits & comprehensive solar water pumping system installation services. For updated information and queries on – top solar well pump brands, leading solar irrigation pump manufacturers & government approved solar power rebate across the USA – Call us at 1-877-934-0444 or click here!!


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Suntron Solar - Get Cheap & Best Solar Pump Kits

We offer you cheap and best solar pump kits from the best solar well pump & solar irrigation pump manufacturers in the USA. We offer affordable & cheap solar water pumping kit installation services & solutions, & are among Texas best solar water pumping kits solution provider that will enable you to qualify for government solar power rebate to customers across the USA.

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