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RV Solar Kits, Texas

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RV and Marine Solar Power Kit

SunTron Solar offers RV & Marine solar kits designed for battery charging aboard recreational vehicles and boats. Solar RV kits offer convenience for people on the go; our RV solar powered kits are a great way to maximize the amount of time you can spend in your RV or boat. This point will be proven time and time again when you turn the key and your batteries are charged and ready to go. One of the most frustrating things that can happen at the start of a highly anticipated trip is a dead battery.

The cost of campsite electrical connections can add up quickly. Rv’s that are equipped with a decent sized solar power kit can rely far less on campsite electrical hookup. One expense that can’t be overlooked is the cost of using generators, generators require maintenance and fuel cost are You can become electrically independent. You can keep all the appliances and luxuries you use charged up and operating at their peak performance. You can have the freedom to travel wherever you want. If this sounds good, read on!

Most RV and boat owners install their own RV solar kits using common hand tools. SunTron Solar can offer phone support though the installation process. Our kits come with solar panels, a charge controller, solar panel mounts, output wiring, plus fused battery and intermodule cables. We offer kits ranging in size from 5 watts to 500 watts, although we do offer custom solutions for customers wishing to install systems larger than 500 watts.

Deciding what RV Kit is right for you

Determining the right size RV solar kit to purchase all really boils down to how you intend to use the kit. If you simply want a small kit that will keep your batteries charged one of our 5, 10 or 20 watt kits will do the job; it all depends on how long you store the RV. People who keep their RV’s in storage for long periods of time will only need a small 5 watt kit to keep their batteries charged.

Folks who are regular weekend RV campers or live in their recreational vehicles traveling across the country will need larger solar kits to meet their energy demands. Other things to consider are how much power do you use? What are you powering in your RV? If you are powering lights, a water pump, a small TV and satellite, you are going to need a larger system. Depending on your power needs and budget, you can choose a system that will power a portion or all of your RV power requirements.


How does an RV / Marine Solar Power Kit work?

A Solar RV or Marine kit uses solar panels to convert sunlight into energy, this power is then used to charge the batteries in your RV or Boat. The average RV solar kit will contain solar panels, a charge controller and various wiring such as, fused battery cables, intermodule cables and output cables. A charge controller regulates the power generated from the solar panels in order to supply a consistent electrical current that will maintain your batteries. This prevents the battery from over-charging and helps guarantee maximum battery sustainability.


Why SunTron’s the best choice for your RV / Marine Solar Power Kit


SunTron Solar sells only top of the line products at competitive prices. Our products are manufactured by tier one companies that have a proven track record and strong product warranties. When designing our RV solar kits we use products from leading manufacturers such as Morningstar and BP Solar. SunTron Solar is also a customer service driven supplier. If at any point you have questions, please give us a call. We want to make sure your home away from home is outfitted correctly and apt to meet your energy requirements.

Suntron Solar - Get Comprehensive RV & Marine Solar Panel Installation


Our expert team will ensure that you receive best & cheap RV solar panel kits & marine solar panel kits and also comprehensive RV & marine solar panel installation services. For updated information and queries on – top marine & RV solar power systems, RV & marine solar lights manufacturers – Call us at 1-877-934-0444 or click here!!


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Suntron Solar - Get Cheap RV & Marine Solar Panel Kits

We offer you cheap RV & marine solar panel kits from the best marine & RV solar power systems manufacturers in the USA. We offer affordable & cheap marine & RV solar panels, RV & marine solar lights installation services & solutions to customers across the USA.

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